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Packaged ice manufacturer drives customer payments and invoicing adoption with Billtrust eSolutions Team
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The Challenge

This organization is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of packaged ice products in the country, serving over 80,000 customer locations across the U.S. Their commitment to exceptional service is why they are one of America’s leading brands in ice production and manufacturing.

They have worked with Billtrust since 2015. Always looking for opportunities to enhance their customers’ experience when paying for their products and streamline internal efficiencies to handle those processes, they struggled to gain customer adoption of their digital solutions. This impacted the timeliness of customer payments and cash flow, and left customers with an outdated experience.

The Solution

This organization first started their partnership with Billtrust through Billtrust Cash Application to automate matching customer payments with remittance information. They later expanded with Billtrust Invoicing, which gave their customers a choice in how they could receive bills as well as provided a portal to view, pay and track those invoices. To drive adoption of digital invoicing and payments, their team partnered with the Billtrust eSolutions Team to run multiple email and calling campaigns. The eSolutions team helped them focus marketing communications to their customers already receiving electronic invoices and making electronic payments with other Billtrust suppliers.

“Working closely with the Billtrust eSolutions team, we have helped our customers adopt online payments and strategically converted them from paper to email billing.”

Director, Accounts Receivable

The Results

Today, this organization has an average cash application match rate of 85% for both lockbox and electronic payments. Working with the Billtrust eSolutions team and their targeted campaigns, 67% of their customers now receive digital invoices, which has helped them save in annual postage fees. This also allows their customers to receive bills much faster, and they have seen a 530+% year-over-year increase in customer portal payments. With the new solutions in place, this organization has been able to streamline their internal administrative processes, helping them focus on more strategic initiatives. And now most recently, they implemented Billtrust Pay on Email to allow customers to make ACH and credit card payments outside of the portal.

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