Transportation: The benefits of digitizing the order-to-cash cycle


The transportation and logistics sector is capable of spectacular innovation, like driverless trucks. Yet it hasn’t addressed the digitization of its core business processes with the same sense of ambition. In the race to digitize, the transportation sector lies among the laggards rather than the leaders.

Unfortunately, some transportation firms are struggling against price wars, operational inefficiencies and the impacts of the pandemic, all hampering their ability to innovate and prosper. One of the main obstacles to transformation are their reliance on fragmented, manual business processes, such as the order-to-cash cycle, which are unnecessarily time-consuming and costly.

Transportation companies need to accelerate the pace at which they digitize these processes, or they could find themselves disrupted by new digital entrants.

This eBook explains how to avoid that. By adopting an integrated digital platform that manages the whole order-to-cash process, transportation companies can increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and strengthen business finances.