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Manufacturer finds new efficiencies with invoicing portal
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The Challenge

OMEGA Engineering is an established global leader in the technical marketplace. They offer more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for the measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH, and conductivity.

With high daily volumes, OMEGA’s credit and accounts receivable (AR) team was struggling to keep up. Nearly 85 percent of OMEGA’s customers relied on mailed invoices and a lack of insight into undeliverable invoices. They relied on outdated, error-prone equipment to fold, insert, and mail invoices to customers. When it came to electronic invoicing, they didn’t have the technology to spot failed emailed invoices.

The Solution

OMEGA realized they needed a solution that would simultaneously improve their operational efficiency, reduce manual effort, improve customer experience, and increase electronic adoption. To solve these issues, OMEGA turned to Billtrust and implemented their Business Payments Network (BPN) Invoicing solution that worked alongside their complex electronic data interchange (EDI) customer interfaces. This solution provides an open network for buyers and suppliers to exchange invoices, payments and remittance data to over 170 leading accounts payable (AP) portals. To encourage electronic adoption, the team even stopped mailing invoices to credit card customers.

The Results

Billtrust’s BPN Invoicing gave the OMEGA AR team the leverage of diverse accounts payable AP system invoice delivery. It also gave them the visibility into ensuring customers’ invoices were delivered in a correct and timely manner. Within the first five months of going live, OMEGA’s AR team increased the number of customers receiving invoices via email by 50 percent. They also lowered their EDI invoice keying time by four hours a week.

“Billtrust has been attentive to our needs and a true partner as we implemented and successfully executed a very complex CPA program.” 

Pat Cerone
Credit Manager, OMEGA Engineering

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