Getting unstuck: Optimizing B2B payments processes


Billtrust eBook Getting Unstuck

In this expert eBook, learn how the right technology can help you to upgrade your B2B payment processes to drive greater efficiency, cut costs, improve customer experiences and accelerate cash flow. 

In an effort to keep customers happy, many companies consistently adapt to new payment requirements. But they don’t realize the incremental accommodations they’re making are actually getting them stuck in outmoded, inefficient and costly processes and practices.

The processes and practices that once served an accounts receivable (AR) team pretty well aren’t equal to the changing realities of the B2B payment landscape. Standing pat with those approaches means a company is continually falling further behind.

We’ll uncover the obvious and hidden costs of using antiquated manual AR methods, and reveal which technology can transform your AP payment processes for the better.

Just some of what you’ll learn:

  • The symptoms of being “stuck” to watch out for mean that your accounts receivable (AR) staff and systems might be trapped by outmoded AR systems and tools.
  • If your company hasn’t optimized B2B payment processes, what’s it costing you? See the many ways out-of-date AR systems affect a business’s bottom line.
  • Discover how much you can save by modernizing how you process uploads to AP portals, virtual card payments and ACH payments – and which technology is the perfect tool for achieving those savings.

Download the eBook right now to learn how to optimize your B2B payments processes and free your AR team from costs, headaches and inefficiencies!