Invoicing Payments Analytics with Days to Pay Index


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The emergence of artificial intelligence has sparked a new wave of data enthusiasm. The challenge lies in effectively utilizing customer data to glean insights and drive prompt business decisions.

The power of analytics is undeniable in the invoicing cycle. Without it, you wouldn’t know if invoicing processes are running smoothly or slowly, let alone able to delve into the underlying causes of delayed payments. You wouldn't be equipped to pinpoint problems, resolve them, and expedite your cash flow. Without exceptional analytics, you'd lack the tools to foster improvement.

In this concise guide, you'll uncover essential invoicing KPIs and envision a modern, actionable invoicing dashboard. We also unveil our newest feature, the Days to Pay Index. This first-of-its-kind benchmarking KPI enables your company to compare its payment speed against peers and take proactive measures to accelerate it whenever feasible.