Best practices in receivables management

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datos insights best practices in receivables management report

Discover how automation is reshaping the landscape of receivables management, offering a lifeline to businesses drowning in manual processes.

In this insightful report “Best Practices in Receivables Management”, based on a Datos Insights survey of over 1,000 midsize and large US organizations conducted in Q3 2023, you'll delve into the core challenges faced by organizations in managing receivables, from data errors to delayed payments. Surprisingly, less than 40% of businesses are content with their current receivables solutions, oblivious to more efficient, cost-saving alternatives.

There's a clear call for enhancement, as a majority of midsize and large businesses express a strong interest in adopting automated receivables software. Certain industries are racing ahead and planning automation within the next year.

The best part? Automation doesn't require compromises—it promises fewer errors, smoother reconciliation, and enhanced security and compliance. Join the revolution in receivables management and gain a competitive edge in streamlining your financial processes.

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