E-invoicing interoperability and compliance

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A guide for finance teams seeking success in global markets
Billtrust e-Invoicing Compliance Report

One of the biggest opportunities when improving your company’s cash flow can come from considering a broader, more optimized market – but if your company operates internationally, there are major financial and compliance considerations that can impact your strategy.

Several countries have started enacting legal and procedural protocols around e-invoicing, and, over time, those associated mandates have continued to evolve. To stay ahead of the curve, companies like yours will need to modernize their invoicing processes and remain in the know about the latest requirements worldwide.

As an experienced leader in the e-invoicing market for over 20 years, Billtrust has compiled this report to help finance teams perform successfully around the world. Download it today and improve your company’s chances at earning (and keeping) a big spot on the world stage.

Download this report and learn:

  • How the VAT gap and mandatory e-invoicing act as big drivers for digital transformation in accounts receivable
  • The most current (and upcoming) types and models of e-invoicing
  • Why some view electronic invoicing as both a blessing and a curse
  • A snapshot view of the latest EU e-invoicing mandates

“There is no e-invoice compliance without order-to-cash automation. You need to achieve high levels of process maturity, automation and consequently data quality.”

Loek Smits, Director Interoperability Billtrust

This report is intended for informational purposes only. The validation of the current status for each country is required/recommended to ensure readers are aware of the latest updates that may have occurred. Information provided herein does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or other professional advice.