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Billtrust eCommerce provides potent tools for putting your entire inventory online and selling to your customers 24/7.

Your customers are doing business online and on their phones. To stay relevant, you need to meet them there. Because your competitors are online, too.

Billtrust eCommerce provides potent tools for putting your entire inventory online and selling to your customers 24/7. With two decades of industry expertise, our solution meets the unique needs of wholesale distributors and manufacturers.

Designed for B2B

Billtrust eCommerce is purpose-built with rich functionality, such as:

  • Custom pricing and ship-to options
  • Complete account management and inventory functionality
  • Simple reorder capabilities
  • Intelligent search
  • Native, full-featured mobile app

Get started today

Our eCommerce solution is turnkey, cloud-based and integrates with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to drive long-term success in your sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

We offer the highest quality, US-based customer support and ongoing consultation to maximize the long-term success of your online store. Stay competitive and innovate with a holistic solution that accelerates revenue growth, drives loyalty, scales seamlessly and optimizes the customer experience. With three tiers available, you can build a digital presence that fits your needs and budget

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Get all the core features and services you need to start selling online, along with basic marketing and merchandising functionality to provide a solid buyer experience.

Cloud LSI

Billtrust eCommerce includes Cloud Light Speed Indexing (CloudLSI), a complete product data management solution and intelligent search hub. Cloud LSI, together with our PIM tool, connects data suppliers, your ERP and the eCommerce platform to help minimize IT resources and achieve your business goals. Drive marketing and sales strategy with performance reporting — everything from sales and search to account login activity right in your Cloud LSI dashboard.

Real-Time ERP Integration

Automate your eCommerce channel with deep, real-time ERP integration to reduce order overhead and drive strong ROI. Real-time access to your ERP means your webstore moves as fast as your inventory, sales and customers to accelerate growth.

Product Management

Deliver a frictionless buying experience for your customers with our stand-out product information management (PIM) tool. Designed specifically for the needs of the wholesale market, it integrates and manages all of your product information, from an unlimited number of sources, in one intelligent product search platform.Our native PIM is able to manage and update hundreds of thousands of products in just a few clicks.

Quality Control

Provide accurate and consistent product content with builtin quality assurance. Our smart fields, cleanse and data merge tools work through multiple data sources to eliminate redundancies, correct text and align images to size and format specifications - all ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Data source Management

Create a frictionless, confident buying experience for your customers with rich product details. With the ability to collect and compile product data automatically from multiple sources, like buying groups and manufacturers, you can easily deliver robust product details that include brochures, images, descriptions and more.

Merchandising and Search

Simplify the buying experience for your customers with AI-powered and configurable product recommendations and robust search functionality using our native PIM. Recommend similar products and those frequently bought together, and take advantage of upsell opportunities with promotional product groups to optimize the purchasing process and increase average order size.


Enjoy all the features of Essentials, as well as additional tools to help streamline operations, execute advanced marketing and merchandising strategies, and level up the buyer experience.

Advanced content management

Boost sales with our easy-to-use content management system (CMS). Easily create targeted marketing and promotional product pages for your webstore with professionally designed themes and templates. Customers can move seamlessly between marketing pages and the product catalog. And, thanks to the tight integration with Cloud LSI, you can include product data directly from your ERP and our PIM.

Digital asset management (DAM)

Enhance the integrity and impact of your images and other media by optimizing and storing them locally. The DAM allows easy editing of images and links, as well as management of PDF files.


Take your eCommerce strategy to the next level — all the features of the Essentials and Enhanced tiers with the addition of several tools to enable a premium buyer experience.

Estimate tool

Deliver more value to boost engagement and retention with a one-stop shop for pricing, estimating and ordering. The estimate tool provides professional, branded digital estimates that can be emailed or accessed right from your customer’s online account page. Customize line items, automatically mark up prices and include terms and conditions to provide a seamless and accurate estimate-to-order workflow.

Multiple storefronts

Selling to several distinct audiences can be a challenge and nuances in pricing are just the beginning. With this premium option you have the ability to host multiple storefronts that are unique to each of your markets. Whether you have different brands or need to separate your wholesale and retail stores, we have you covered.

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Digital Transformation

Thanks to evolving consumer expectations and the fast pace of technology, the ability to serve customers digitally is no longer a luxury when it comes to competing and thriving in today’s business environment. Set your business up for long-term success with a digital strategy that is built to serve modern buyers.


Seamlessly integrate your webstore with your buyers’ procurement systems. Offering punchout catalogs provides your customers with efficiency, insight and control of the buying process from purchase order to invoice - all within their preferred business platform through a single sign-on.

Mobile app

Enable anywhere ordering with the Billtrust eCommerce mobile app. This native mobile app is branded, configurable and provides the same capabilities as your desktop site on any iOS or Android device. Let your customers choose when and where to place orders with you and give your sales team access to assist clients from anywhere.

Managed solutions

Maximize the value of Billtrust eCommerce and deliver a superior experience with help from our experts. No matter your goal, ongoing consultation and support from our Managed Solutions team can help increase engagement, drive online sales and improve the overall performance of your webstore.

The ease of eCommerce for every distributor

Your customers are online. Meet them there with Billtrust eCommerce. Our webstores will meet your customer’s most stringent expectations and enable self-service and 24 hour access to your business. Power up your sales team with a real-time, live catalog of inventory, prices and availability. And unleash your full potential. Open up shop with Billtrust eCommerce.

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