Billtrust Invoicing: Streamline multi-channel invoice delivery

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Billtrust provides a global solution that is flexible, transparent and seamless for paper customers who are ready to make the transition to electronic delivery — all while future proofing invoice presentment.

  • Email delivery
  • Print & mail delivery
  • Electronic invoice delivery
  • Channel delivery
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Invoicing is a critical component of cash flow and also a source of frustration for many accounts receivable (AR) teams. It comes in many forms, through multiple channels and often with a host of requirements.

Invoicing preferences also vary, but no matter which delivery channels your customers choose, they all require dedicated time and effort to manage and process invoices. The good news is that ensuring you get paid on time or sooner — regardless of payment channel — can be as simple as changing the invoice experience.

With Billtrust Invoicing, you can cut and control operating costs — and free up staff for business-critical work — while simplifying invoice presentment and giving your customers the flexibility and efficiency they need. Most importantly, it leverages the most accurate data available – stored in your ERP system. Billtrust Invoicing automates and accelerates invoice delivery for you locally and around the world. No matter how your invoices need to be sent — whether by email, print, AP portal, e-invoicing network or tax agency — your accounts receivable teams can leverage a single platform to send them in any format and through any channel.

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What you can do with Billtrust Invoicing

  • Replace manual processes with automation
    Automating and accelerating invoice delivery with Billtrust Invoicing streamlines the entire billing and payments continuum, relieving the demands placed on your team while freeing up your cash flow.
  • Streamline AP portal processing
    Delivering invoices via integrations with 200+ leading accounts payable (AP) portals saves your AR team the long hours, expense, and frustration of navigating each one and manually keying in invoice data.
  • Reduce invoice printing and mailing costs
    Despite the paperless invoicing trend, there will always be customers who prefer hard copy. Outsourcing paper-based billing to Billtrust can save on high in-house printing, equipment, and postage costs.
  • Provide e-invoicing interoperability and compliance
    Doing business in another country? Many governments require electronic invoicing for B2G and even some B2B transactions. Billtrust has created global connections with all major AP portals, international e-invoicing networks and tax agencies, saving you labor-intensive effort and expense.
  • Invoice management portal
    Provides your AR team with visibility into open balance invoices, empowers your staff to track delivery of paper and electronic bills, and allows teams to resend bills and run reports all within one streamlined location. This brings new levels of transparency across invoices and better customer experiences, enabling your team to get paid faster.

Invoice Delivery Solutions

Channel Delivery

  • Tailored, multi-channel invoice delivery
  • Flexible, efficient, transparent and seamless invoice management across channels including AP portals, B2G and B2B
  • Eliminates the need for AR teams to dedicate hours to keying in data or maintaining complex, custom solutions
  • Optimizes customer invoice management and send invoices to 190+ AP systems automatically based on customer preference

Email Delivery

  • Deliver branded, custom emails to your customers automatically
  • Easy Import gives you the ability to attach replica PDF invoices as well as CSV, QuickBooks and other accounting package file types to every email you send
  • Send automatically generated payment reminders and past due emails
  • Easy enrollment lets customers pay their emailed invoices through your online portal quickly and securely

Electronic Invoice Delivery

  • A secure, branded and fully-managed online portal for presenting and viewing invoices via eInvoice Connect
  • Customers can research documents by key criteria, including data, amount and PO number and download them as PDFs or directly into their accounting package
  • Multi-language support combined with international payments capabilities for a localized experience

Print & Mail Delivery

Increase buyer adoption.
Design and execute effective, email and telephone campaigns that encourage your customers to convert from manual in-person, phone and paper processes to electronic alternatives

  • Billtrust offers a multi-pronged approach to invoicing that include streamlined print and mail services through North America and Europe
  • Through automation and expertise, we help you save money and time while tracking paper invoices and remit mail payments
  • Customized with your logo, dynamic messaging, dual barcode technology and more, printed invoices can, surprisingly, become the first big step towards transitioning your customers to digital

Billtrust Invoicing by the numbers

Over $1T invoice dollars processed

200+ AP portals invoiced

$100B+ total payment revenue

Seamless, global outbound e-invoicing

  • Global e-invoicing compliance
  • Process high volumes of invoices in seconds
  • Reduce print and postage costs
  • Eliminate lost invoices
  • Consolidate AR across business units
  • Integrate seamlessly with customers
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Shorten your DSO
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce costs

360º visibility with dashboards and reporting tools

  • Research customer invoices and history using a variety of search criteria and view exact copies of PDF invoices
  • Email or fax copies of invoices to customers with one click
  • Track the processing and delivery of each and every invoice whether sent by paper or electronic
  • View dashboards and run reports that provide insight into your entire invoice delivery process, from company-wide electronic adoption rates to individual branch invoicing reports
  • Easily upload and tailor messages to be displayed on paper and PDF invoices

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