Reduce in-house dependence on printing and mailing invoices

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Managing your company’s invoicing printing and mail services in-house can be tough. It may not be your company’s core competency, and equipment cost and maintenance can be expensive. 

Billtrust can help

Billtrust’s outsourced billing service is being used by hundreds of companies who typically save between 20-35% on the cost of sending their bills. These companies also benefit through advanced billing tools that increase customer satisfaction and drive efficiency in managing billing inquiries. With multiple printing facilities across the country, Billtrust can print invoices at centers closest to recipients for fast invoice delivery. And, we provide valuable tracking data while saving customers money through printing best practices: Billtrust saves customers money by bullpenning invoices to avoid sending small value bills, and utilizes SmartTrak and USPS certified solutions to get the best postage rates. Plus, our simple invoice software enables automated invoicing with data from your existing ERP system. 

How you can depend on us

Billtrust print facilities are considered essential operations and are geographically distributed with operational redundancy, enabling us to move production quickly should we need to cease operations in one location. And we have in-house mechanics and spare parts for equipment maintenance and repair.

Better looking invoices get paid faster

Did you know that more effectively designed invoices are more likely to get paid? We’ll work with your design team and incorporate your branding standards — all while adding our invoicing best practices expertise — to create compelling invoices that present information clearly and get paid faster. 

Increase electronic invoicing adoption

When you choose Billtrust to print and mail your invoices, we analyze your data and identify customers that are accepting electronic invoices elsewhere. Then, we give you the tools to encourage them toward accepting electronic presentment from you.

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