Uncomplicating the collections workflow

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Unacceptable: the risks and complexities of getting paid

The world of business is too big. The methods of payments are too many. And the delays are too inscrutable. There is too much holding your business back. And Billtrust believes it’s unacceptable.

Our order-to-cash (O2C) software platform and open payments network makes doing business simple. Billtrust solves the problem of complexity by addressing both sides of the payment equation.

For the whole story, you’ll need to learn more about our complete solutions platform. In this guide, however, we’ll be giving you everything you need to know to simplify the collection of payments.

Challenges for collections professionals


The #1 challenge for collections professionals is the same for specialists across the order-to-cash journey: too many manual processes. Manual steps in a collections cycle are invitations for delay. When collections professionals are working manually, accounts are prioritized by necessity. This means that the biggest, most delinquent accounts get the most attention – while others are neglected. This can lead to underserved accounts moving into delinquency.


And even when there are enough employee resources to service all accounts, without a centralized collections processes, managers don’t have visibility into who is contacting customers and how frequently. And bad customer experiences and slower payments can result.


Most collections organizations today operate without a clear prioritization strategy. Lacking a central organizational strategy, individual collectors default to their own priorities and as a result, collections activities can be incoherent to managers and strategists.

Put your perfect collections solution to work

Centralized and transparent

Billtrust Collections revolutionizes how collectors do their daily work. Communications are centralized and linked to the profiles of each account. Every customer profile features full histories and planned actions.

That means managers have full visibility into every customer. It also allows team members to seamlessly share accounts without missing an opportunity to connect and prevents over-communicating with customers.

Dispute logging and tracking is easier than ever. Disputes automatically pause payment reminders until they are resolved. And they remain visible and prioritized until resolution.

Activities tailored to each customer

And not just your favorites. Billtrust Collections gives you the power to create templates that automatically guide collections activities to different sets of customers. Your customer base is diverse and may have diverse payment needs based on their size, staffing, industry or location.

Billtrust allows you to address every need and easily apply templates to new customers.

Templates prompt automatic payment reminders that can be customized for each account or set of accounts. And templates guide your collectors’ activities to help them provide the best, most effective service.

Intelligent workflows

Billtrust Collections was created by former CFOs and credit managers. We understand how the right collections workflow can drive higher transparency into account statuses and action items. Billtrust will help you evaluate and design the collections workflow that will best serve your business and customers.

Once implemented, the Billtrust Collections solution will generate daily task lists for your collectors, prioritizing their activities based on your strategic workflow.


Billtrust Collections helps your collectors optimize their efforts by focusing them on the most pertinent tasks – but we also help by automating tasks they don’t need to do.

We automatically send reminder emails to customers before payments are due to decrease delinquency.

And, in the daily task lists that we present to collectors, we automatically display unresolved disputes and follow-up activities, so no disputes go unnoticed.

Additionally, we give you the flexibility to divide customers into automatic communication and manual communication groups. So, you can do what’s best for your specific customer circumstances.

A global collections solution

  • Billtrust Collections works across 40 countries and 13 languages
  • Seamless connection with your accounting software or ERP package
  • Automatic updates ensure information is never wrong or outdated
  • Perform credit checks and automatically integrate approved clients
  • Increase visibility to sales and management stakeholders

Cash is in your future

Billtrust Collections AI-powered cash forecasting significantly enhances transparency into where your receivables are, suggests the best actions to take to collect them and lets you and your CFO and Controller stay ahead of potential cash flow issues.

Head off customer issues

With our AI-analysis features, you can foresee payment problems, generate a plan and get step-by-step advice to resolve them. You can also simulate collections scenarios and project likely success.

Rewrite the workday

Start each collector’s day with a prioritized worksheet that includes a list of actions tailored to their portfolio. Gain visibility into your team’s activities with intuitive workflows, worksheets, dashboards and reports. And share your reports across all countries, corporations and currencies.

A broad order-to-cash SaaS platform

Billtrust Collections is part of Billtrust’s complete order-to- cash platform and payments network. You can always grow and scale into our payments ecosystem at your own pace.

Collect on our promise

Billtrust will partner with you to analyze your collections needs. Our experts will review your current process and help you develop a set of best practices to get the most out of our solution.

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