Access customer accounts from anywhere

Tip Sheet

Tip sheet

With Remote Sales Management, you can log into your customers’ systems with full access to what they can see when they are logged in—all so you can provide better customer service, from placing orders on their behalf and seeing abandoned cart information, to viewing their account information.

Give your customers a top-notch sales experience by giving your sales reps the ability to log in on behalf of a customer.

  • Improve customer service.
    Log in as a customer to help them with their orders and even manage customer logins.
  • Provide flexibility.
    Sales teams can access customer information no matter where they are.
  • Streamline sales.
    Make it easy to place orders on a customer’s behalf.
Two businesspeople looking at tablet displaying 'Logged in as: Maria Baltra from CBA Electrical Supply'

With the Remote Sales Management feature in Billtrust eCommerce, your sales reps can see the same view that the customer sees when logged in. Sales reps can log in with a single login, so you don’t have to manage multiple logins. Any actions taken by the sales rep on behalf of the customer are logged so you can tell which user made the change.

Once they are logged in as a customer, sales reps can:

  • View their assigned customers or all customers.
  • Add, edit, and remove customer account profiles.
  • Sales can be automatically copied on all customer web orders.
  • Edit user account details and permissions.
  • View or modify a saved cart.
  • Override the price of a product in a user’s shopping cart
  • View order status and history.
  • Update credit information.
  • Manage ship-tos.