CloudLSI: The SaaS PIM and Search Solution

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Billtrust eCommerce, the leading eCommerce solution for wholesale distributors, includes Cloud Light Speed Indexing (CloudLSI), a complete product data management and intelligent search hub. CloudLSI is coupled with a Product Information Management (PIM) tool to connect data suppliers, your ERP, and the eCommerce platform together.


Billtrust eCommerce CloudLSI Solution Diagram from sources to your solutions

CloudLSI is based on a true SaaS model, which provides a configurable, holistic solution on a real-time, scalable, cloud-hosted platform. Minimize IT resources and optimize your sales and marketing with this robust set of tools.

Real-Time ERP Integration

Automate your eCommerce channel with a deep, real-time ERP integration to reduce order overhead and drive strong ROI results. Real-time access to your ERP means your webstore moves as fast as your inventory, sales and customers to accelerate growth.

Multiple Data Source Management

Create a frictionless, confident buying experience for your customers with rich product details. With the ability to collect and compile product data automatically from multiple sources, like buying groups and manufacturers, you can easily deliver robust product details that include brochures, images, descriptions and more.

Simplify the buying experience for your customers with AI-powered and configurable product recommendations and robust search functionality. Recommend similar products, those frequently bought together, or upsell and promotional product groups to optimize the purchasing process and increase average order size.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Purpose-built for distributors, our native PIM is able to manage and update hundreds of thousands of products in just a couple of clicks.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Enhance the integrity and impact of your image and media assets by optimizing and storing them locally. The DAM allows easy editing of images and links and management of PDF files.

Quality Control

Optimize accuracy and product content consistency with built-in quality assurance. Our smart fields, cleanse and data merge tools work through data from multiple sources. Redundancies are eliminated, text is corrected and images sizes are aligned to consistent specifications and formats.

Insights Dashboard

Drive marketing and sales strategy with eCommerce performance reporting. Monitor everything from sales, search and account login activity in your CloudLSI dashboard.

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