A White Cap cash application & payments success story


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Welcome to our in-depth look at how White Cap transformed its payment processes with the help of Billtrust's innovative solutions. By automating cash application, increasing online payments, and enabling customer self-service through a user-friendly portal, White Cap not only reduced errors but also achieved significant cost savings.

The accounts receivable challenges

White Cap faced several challenges in its payment processes. Errors in cash application were common, leading to inefficiencies and wasted resources. Additionally, the company needed to increase online payments and encourage customers to self-serve through an online portal. White Cap was using various systems like Invoicing, BPNI, Cash Application, and BPN for credit card payments, but there was room for improvement.

The solution: AR automation software

Partnering with Billtrust provided White Cap with the tools and support needed to address these challenges head-on. The most notable benefit came from the implementation of Billtrust's Cash App for wire and ACH payments. This automation allowed White Cap to eliminate two headcounts immediately and repurpose another, resulting in approximately $36,000 in savings within just a few months.

Other benefits from implementing accounts receivable automation software included:

  • Error reduction: Automating cash application significantly reduced the errors associated with manual processes, ensuring more accurate financial records, and smoother operations.
  • Increased efficiency: With fewer manual processes, White Cap's team could focus on more strategic tasks, boosting overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer experience: The online portal allowed customers to self-serve, making it easier and faster for them to make payments and access their accounts.

White Cap recommends Billtrust!

White Cap highly recommends Billtrust to other businesses looking to improve their payment processes. They emphasize the importance of communicating your full process and requirements to our experts during implementation, as our team strives to meet and exceed expectations. By being open about your needs, you might discover additional Billtrust Solutions that can further streamline your operations.

Achieve cost savings and efficiency with Billtrust’s AR automation software  

White Cap's success story is a testament to the power of Billtrust's AR software solutions. If you're looking to enhance your payment processes, reduce errors, and save costs, Billtrust can provide the tools and expertise you need. Don't hesitate to explore how our innovative AR automation software solutions can make your business more efficient and effective. Talk to a Billtrust expert now!