6 results of automated collections

White Paper

Did you know that manual AR processes take (on average) 24 days to follow up on late payments? With AR automation you can bring that number down to an average of 16 days.

AR automation helps you streamline your AR collections process and shift away from repetitive, productivity-killing, time-consuming routine tasks so your team can focus their attention on more strategic work and key exceptions. 

If you are currently fully convinced that automation is the best choice for your AR process, what can your collections team really expect from going this route? In this white paper, we demonstrate six immediate results you may uncover.

We’ll explore:

  1. The benefits of personalized customer communications
  2. Better, connected workflows
  3. Effective risk management through integrations
  4. Insightful reporting
  5. How to improve your cash flow
  6. How automation and technology boasts collaboration between collections, AR, and other business units

To learn more about the benefits of automated collections, download the white paper.