2022-23 Gen Z and digital payments study

White Paper

2022-23 Gen Z Digital Payments White Paper

While every generation’s coming of age experiences widespread analysis and scrutiny, few have been subject to the amount of decoding that Generation Z has. And for good reason. Despite their young age, this cohort is already exerting its influence on everything from how we shop and the way we consume media, to how we think about finances. Not surprisingly, brands and employers have taken a particular interest in decoding Gen Z in order to cater to them and harness all they have to offer.

As digital natives immersed in the latest technologies, there’s also an expectation that every business they buy from or work for takes a similar digital-first approach. This is an expectation that has carried over to payments, where digital wallets and instant transactions have become the norm. As experts in B2B payments, we’re continually analyzing various trends and factors that will impact and disrupt our industry. As such, it’s only logical that we keep a pulse on the ultimate trend setters and examine how their adoption and views on payments continue to evolve. To do so, Billtrust commissioned a new research study encompassing responses from more than 750 US-based Gen Z individuals from ages 18 to 25 years old.

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