Ease into your ERP upgrade

Blog | November 14, 2022

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Handling an ERP upgrade may be challenging, so don’t go it alone. Billtrust can help you get it done right.
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Watch the video to learn about Billtrust Services.
Watch the video to learn about Billtrust Services.

Upgrading your ERP can be daunting. It’s your company’s most essential digital tool and the basis for specialized tools like the AR automation that Billtrust offers. Doing it alone can be challenging because without the right kind of preparation and expertise, it’s easy to get wrong. 

But we won’t let you stress.

Billtrust is 100% committed to supporting our customers through our Professional Services Organization. We are dedicated experts on ERP upgrades, and we’re excited to work with you every step of the way. 

In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know to get your ERP upgrade done right. 

Billtrust’s standardized integrations

We have standardized integrations with ERPs like Eclipse, NSA for Infor, Karmak, Workday and Procede. If you are upgrading or migrating to any of these ERPs, we have standard data files and prebuilt PDF templates that will make the process smooth and seamless.

But we’re also experienced with many other ERPs. If you're upgrading or migrating to another ERP, we’d love to meet with both your team and a representative of that ERP to understand data file formats, options and anything else we can review that will help streamline the process.

We’re here to make this work beautifully.

Bring us in early

As soon as you know that you’re planning an upgrade or migration, please reach out to your Billtrust representative. 

Six months in advance of the ERP going into production is ideal. When you give Billtrust more time to align resources internally, we can make sure there is no disruption to your return on investment in Billtrust products. 

ERP conversions are a big task. They can involve multiple Billtrust departments and may require shifting resources and re-prioritizing projects.

Get the right info

Please be ready to provide data mapping / file formatting for billing documents, payment file requirements and sample PDFs covering all your invoicing scenarios.

One of the biggest challenges in an upgrade or migration is just getting all the data we need. You’re going to be very busy during your implementation, so the sooner you can share the necessary documentation with Billtrust, the smoother everything will progress. 

Some of our customers find it difficult to produce all of the data that we need. But that’s why the Professional Services Organization is here. We’ll work with you to find creative ways to generate necessary data.

Streamline with a mapping document

Billtrust has standard data file formats that we can share with your ERP. If they can use our file formatting, that’s fantastic. But if not, they can give us a key to their file format with a mapping document.

A mapping document describes what all the data elements are in a file format. It lists each field and provides sample data and any logic needed for each field.

We can share a sample mapping document with you and your ERP representative.

Get engaged with Professional Services

The best way to get engaged with us is through your Billtrust sales representative or account manager. 
We’ll work with you to create a Scope of Work (SOW) that will determine the resources and timeline for your project.

Less stress is always best

Billtrust takes a consultative approach to ERP implementations. We’ve done this many times with diverse customers. We’ll guide you to the best possible outcome for your upgrade or migration. 

We recommend that you reach out to your ERP provider annually and inquire about upgrades planned for the next 12 months. Additionally, talk to your internal teams about plans for upgrades or migrations.

If there are plans for a change, either at the ERP level or within your organization, we can set up a meeting to review your options and discuss a timeline for getting ready.

Get to know us

Watch the video at the top of this blog to get to know some of the Billtrust experts you might be working with on your next ERP upgrade or migration. 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your account manager or sales representative.