YOLO: Stay Ahead of Billing Technologies and Trends

Blog | July 23, 2013

Reading time: 2 min

YOLO – If you have tween to teen age kids you know exactly what this is and what it means. You Only Live Once - living for today, not letting things pass you by, seizing and taking advantage of what life has to offer now - not later. A motto the younger generation has adopted making them much more apt to move fast, not letting opportunities for change or experience linger or pass. The world is moving at a much faster pace and there seems to be no slowing down.

Billing technology is rapidly advancing, ignoring these changes could mean not getting paid quickly or even losing customers. Billtrust has stayed ahead of the curve with both technology and trends. Advanced features such as true distributive printing across the country (not just multiple sites), QR codes and client managed dynamic bill messaging capabilities are just a few of the forward looking features Billtrust offers in its bill print service. Print service? That is so 20th century!

Look to the future, stay ahead of the curve. E-billing. Not just attaching a bill to an e-mail and hitting send, true e-bill channels. Customers don’t want to get bills, who does? But you can make the receipt and payment process of your bill as non-evasive as possible by giving your customer choices and tools.

If your customer wants the bill simply attached to an e-mail, fine but why not also send your commercial customers a data file along with the bill? A file they can simply download into their accounting system. Your customer would rather “self-serve”? No problem, offer them access to a web portal linked right from your website where they can view their bills, pay their bills and even manage disputes and chargeback information to you 24x7. Even better, and the ultimate in convenience, offer your customers the opportunity to go to one web portal to view and pay your bills as well as their other vendor’s bills in one place. In this fast paced world, your customers would save time in managing multiple vendor bills through a web-based portal like Invoice Central. Your customer will appreciate the value you place on their time.

All of these technological advancements and trends bring significant value and savings to both commercial billers and consumer billers. From reduced costs of mailing to speed of payment and reduction in DSO you too could be reaping those benefits. Why wait?

Let us show you what opportunities you and your organization could take advantage of to move your billing into the future and keep it ahead of the curve. You never know, you could become a Billing Rockstar! Don’t wait, YOLO.