Customer Case Study

Medical equipment manufacturer maximizes card discounts and positions themselves for growth while remaining headcount neutral.
Ambu Case Study


  • Saved an estimated 865 hours of manual processing time
  • Achieved 96% Level 2/3, representing nearly $600,000 in savings
  • Increased automated match rates from 45% to over 90%

The Challenge

Medical equipment manufacturer Ambu, a leader in singleuse endoscopy, was receiving over 80 virtual card and card-on-file processing requests per day. With only 1.5 fulltime equivalent employees managing a two-step process to run cards and post the cash, Ambu needed a way to manage continued growth without adding headcount. And while they were already achieving respectable Level 2/3 interchange discounts, the company knew there was additional savings by optimizing these payment requests.

The Solution

Ambu chose Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN), an open network connecting buyers and sellers to the community of banks, fintechs and card brands, for its credit card processing. This scalable technology enabled Ambu to easily and seamlessly manage their current payment volume while positioning themselves for continued growth – all without additional headcount. With BPN, Ambu also enjoys additional Level 2/3 and large-ticket interchange discounts they were not achieving in the previous manual processing environment.

The Results

Through the first seven months of 2022, Ambu saved an estimated 865 hours of manual processing time, at an average time to process of ten minutes per virtual card payment, and achieved 96% Level 2/3 representing nearly $600,000 in savings. In addition, their automated match rates increased from 45% with a previous provider to over 90% with Billtrust.

“Processing credit card payments from our customers was taking up the majority of the day for a member of our AR team. We didn’t want to turn down our customers who wanted to pay via credit card, and we also wanted to ensure we were receiving the best rates. Billtrust was able to assist with giving that time back to our AR rep and also increase our Tier 2/3 customers to give us competitive rates.”

Christa McMurtrey
Manager, Accounts Receivable

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