How technology companies can ride the wave of change


Digitizing the order-to-cash cycle is critical to securing the commercial agility technology companies need to succeed.

The rate of innovation in the technology sector is relentless. No one can predict the next change. What technology companies need more than anything is agility – the ability to adapt to whatever the future may bring.

In technology services, the virtualization of the product from physical equipment to software is transforming the commercial model from capital purchase to pay-as-you-go. In technology manufacturing, subscription-based and as-a- service production models are forcing companies to adapt their financial processes to match.

Customer pressure is also driving change. Many customers want to pay by credit card. Technology companies are being forced to take credit card payments to remain competitive, but they’re worried about the transaction fees and are looking for ways to reduce them.

While many IT and software companies have already invested in digital operations, and technology manufacturers have been automating their production lines, all technology companies need to digitize their financial processes.

This eBook explains how companies must evolve their business processes to give them the agility they need to compete – and how adopting accounts receivable automation will be decisive in securing their future success.