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Facilitate payments on your terms, while offering customers flexibility to pay through the channels they prefer.

Billtrust is here to accommodate all your payment acceptance and processing needs. We get you up and running quickly, while helping maintain PCI compliance and business continuity with a remote workforce.

While many B2B suppliers have previously been hesitant to accept card payments, the current global situation has quickly turned enabling new payment channels into a strategic necessity. If you’re now in a position where you need to begin accepting card payments easily, securely and economically with minimal IT effort, Billtrust can help.

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Minimal I.T. required
  • Lower processing rates
  • Multi-invoice reconciliation files
  • Support your remote workforce (cloud)
  • Support your customers remote workforces (mobile friendly, self-serve)

1. Automate emailed credit card payments

Eliminate manual keying and PCI-compliance risk by rerouting all card payments received via email to a secure Billtrust inbox. We handle all sensitive data and deliver next-day settlement and a clean consolidated remittance file.

2. Take payments by phone anywhere, anytime 

Our cloud-based virtual terminal enables your remote employees to take secure card payments over the phone. Built for B2B, our solution enables your team to capture all client account and invoice data required for easy reconciliation. 

3. Enable your customers to submit online payments

Add web payments by linking your Billtrust hosted payments page to your website within minutes. Unlike other solutions, Billtrust supports B2B payment requirements such as multi-invoice payments and PCI compliance. 

4. Get paid faster with touchless 3rd party payments

Billtrust aggregates and delivers touchless payments from top 3rd party payables providers, capturing rich remittance and programmatically enforcing your payments policies for fine-tuned acceptance and reconciliation. 

5. Increase your margins with lower fees

We understand how cost of acceptance impacts your business’ bottom line and offer level II and level III rate qualification to keep your interchange fees down no matter the channel. After fees, our solution nets average savings of 40 – 70 basis points for Level 3 transactions.

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