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How to maximize your Billtrust solution & boost results.
We’re dedicated to increasing the benefits of your Billtrust solutions by helping you deliver a superior user experience. Whether your goal is increasing customer adoption, updating configuration settings, improving design, enhancing functionality, activating new features or understanding and implementing best practices, Billtrust experts are ready to get to work for you.
Go paperless with big data video thumbnail
Watch "Go paperless with big data" featuring Nooshy Irani, Electronic Solutions Manager at Billtrust.
Watch "Go paperless with big data" featuring Nooshy Irani, Electronic Solutions Manager at Billtrust.

We identify opportunities and solve challenges like:

  • Designing a communication strategy to drive users to your online solution and facilitate the plan on your behalf.
  • Updating portal and cash application configuration settings to take advantage of the latest features.
  • Optimizing your billing and payments portal for easy payments.
  • Converting electronic invoices into electronic payments.
  • Training your collections team with a best-in-class professional development program.

We partner with you to evaluate where you are today, understand objectives, uncover areas of opportunity, develop supportive solutions and make sure you get the full benefits of your Billtrust solution. We go to work for you in areas like:

Increased buyer adoption for online billing and payments

Leverage 10+ years of Billtrust experience driving customers to “go digital.” Our team will design and execute effective, branded email and telephone campaigns that encourage your customers to convert from paper billing and payments to electronic alternatives. Our campaigns have a proven track record of success. Billtrust customers that have worked with our team have achieved an average 9% growth in electronic invoicing rate and 25% growth in electronic payments.

Credit and collections workshops to increase effectiveness

Credit and Collections Workshops help your team level-up their skills and reduce aging and reduce risk by learning from experienced credit and collection managers. With decades of experience collecting and implementing collections software, our experts can help your team implement a customer-centric collections model. This interactive workshop educates your team on the “art” of collections and covers a variety of topics that assist collectors in cultivating the necessary skills and tools they need

Deliver consistent credit and collections policies

Align internal stakeholders with sound compliance procedures that streamline customer onboarding, reduce risk, and result in fewer write-offs.

Optimize your collections process

Optimize your Collections solution with best practices and to increase collections through improved portfolio and procedure management. We will analyze individual and departmental effectiveness and recommend targeted campaigns and adjustments designed to reduce delinquency and increase user adoption.

Cash Application optimization

We’ll help you achieve the highest possible match rates with a keen eye to increase accuracy and efficiency. Our match rate experts make use of current cash application production performance data to determine the most effective configuration enhancements. In addition, we’ll evaluate the performance of your current data extraction methods (machine learning/templates), adjust identifier weights for improved performance, create rules/filters to address data anomalies and work with you to address other pain points within your workflow. Watch your match rates increase along with the value you get out of your Billtrust Cash Application solution.

The ROI of best-in-class AR

Billtrust studies indicate how modern AR processes demonstrate the value of our best practices:

  • 25% better customer service levels
  • 15% faster payments
  • 20% more self-service capabilities
  • 23% collections improvement
  • 12% more organized cash application

Best-in-class AR departments measure success based on customer satisfaction rather than immediate cash flow or DSO. All companies are in different phases of their digital journey, ranging from manual processes to best-in-class automation. Billtrust’s Managed Solutions team of experts can help apply proven methods to move your organization up the scale.

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