Solving Law Firm Client Payments Challenges

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Encourage clients to “pay their way” while meeting PCI Compliance requirements

Inconsistent client payment methods? They’re hurting your firm.

As a law firm, you want to provide your clients with easy online payment options.  But client payments are complicated and shouldn’t be looked at as simply paper or electronic. When clients decide how to pay you, they’re considering what is most efficient for them, which leads to your client roster paying in diverse ways.

More and more clients are looking to pay with credit cards (traditional and virtual), and law firms must accept with 100% PCI-compliance.

Regardless of the payment method, corporate clients are increasingly pressuring outside counsel to provide more timely and accurate billing and reconciliation processes.

Your billing and payment software needs to match remittance data to your ERP system or cash application will become overly manual and time-consuming. 
Billtrust knows that no attorney or staffer dreams of tracking down invoices or payments. Our job?  Get your invoices and payments where they need to go – so you can get on with client business.

How Billtrust helps:

  • You’ll automate the acceptance and processing of emailed credit card payments: let Billtrust eliminate the burden of pulling customer payments out of Outlook or Gmail.
  • You’ll gain a virtual terminal for payments by phone, including invoice remittance detail.
  • Billtrust’s Cash Application empowers teams to match invoices with remittances regardless of how they are sent, whether by ACH, check, wire, credit card or AP portal. 

The Digital Lockbox for your B2B payments

Billtrust offers a first in cash application: the Digital Lockbox. It’s a single destination for all of your digital payments. The Digital Lockbox is an email address where your clients can send (or where you can redirect) their automated clearing house (ACH) remittance advice, accounts payable portal payments and virtual card payments. 

The Digital Lockbox can extract these remittances from over 200 different AP portals. Billtrust Cash Application automatically processes and applies virtual card payments and retrieves ACH remit info and matches that data to payments hitting your bank.

BPN + Cash Application = true straight-through processing

Unapplied payments are a real problem. Until you can correlate the funds in your bank account with the remittance data you’ve received, your clients will feel the squeeze on their credit line. Our Business Payments Network (BPN) works alongside Billtrust Cash Application to resolve this problem by ensuring that every dollar in your bank account is matched with your remittance.

The end result: a clean remittance file, fully reconciled to your payments and ready to ingest into your system of record or ERP. Our proprietary solutions work together to ensure that your organization and by extension, your clients, benefit from truly touchless payments.

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