Drive upsells with automatic product recommendations

Tip Sheet

Tip sheet

Simplify the buying experience for your customers with AI-powered and configurable product recommendations and robust search functionality. Using data combined with AI dramatically improves productivity and performance. Recommend similar products, those frequently bought together, or upsell with promotional product groups to optimize the purchasing process and increase average order size.

With Billtrust eCommerce’s machine learning algorithm, your webstore can automatically surface suggested products to customers to help drive upsells and cross-sells.

  • Increase revenue.
    Maximize every sale with no human intervention required.
  • Provide personalization.
    Provide personalized product recommendations for each customer.
  • Optimize customer interactions.
    Provide a world-class shopping experience.
Sample website showing automatic product recommendations

With automatic product recommendations, you can:

  • Upload ERP order history to help drive automatic recommendations.
  • Provide “Frequently Bought Together” and “Similar Products” recommendations on product detail pages.
  • Optimize “Similar Products” recommendations by boosting high priority fields or excluding irrelevant fields.
  • Tune product recommendations by adding and removing products manually if needed.