What is Payment Cycle Management

Payment cycle management describes an automated system which manages the entire invoice-to-cash process.

A payment cycle management solution helps companies meet diverse customer requirements, streamline accounts receivable processes and save time and resources. The biggest benefits seen by most companies who implement PCM solutions are an accelerated cash flow, overall improved operational efficiency and increased transparency.

World-class organizations use flexible, automated payment cycle management solutions to stay lean and competitive. By transitioning to electronic presentment and payment, and using a smart cash application system that learns how your customers pay, businesses can reduce the resources needed to process payments and keep customers happier with self-service portals.

Payment cycle management has three components:

icon1 Invoice Delivery

icon1 Payments

icon1 Cash Application

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We invented payment cycle management

Billtrust is the pioneer of payment cycle management. We’ve been helping customers save money and automate invoice delivery since 2001. As technology has changed the way we receive and pay invoices, Billtrust has been at the forefront of developing automated solutions which help AR teams process payments faster and more securely.

Our Quantum Payment Cycle Management solution leverages technology and best practices to create flexibility and transparency within your invoice-to-cash process. Meet complex customer demands with multiple invoicing and payment channel options, along with a smart cash application solution that uses robotic process automation and supervised machine-learning for intelligent matching.

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“As CIO, I have been involved with many transitions. I was impressed with how well this transition went. Everything Billtrust said they were going to do, they did. I never want to go back to in-house invoicing. Our invoice-to-cash process is now automated and seamless.”

Barry Carden
Mayer Electric Supply

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