3 Ways to Keep Your AR Team Very Happy

Blog | April 6, 2016

Reading time: 2 min

Your accounts receivables department is the lifeblood of your company, so it’s vital that your team feels happy in order to keep cash flowing efficiently. We’ve put together a few smart ideas to keep your AR team motivated, attentive, and focused on helping your business grow.

1. Say Thank You

Studies have shown that employees feel appreciated and more connected when they get a verbal or handwritten “Thank You” directly from managers and executives. Pizza lunches and gift cards are impersonal, and don’t have the same effect as a private message or public recognition. Take a few moments each week to show your appreciation.

2. Listen to Your Team

Taking time to listen to a frustrated employee or colleague can greatly reduce their stress and help them feel respected in the workplace. If you spend a few minutes helping them talk through problems, it can lead to effective, innovative ideas that benefit the entire company. Listening makes every person on your team feel appreciated, and gives them the opportunity to take ownership of solutions.

3. Encourage Learning

The best way to make your AR team feel valuable and important is to invest in their minds. Offer perks, such as reimbursement for books, online courses, and seminars which offer education and information that will challenge them to think differently. Education and technology can disrupt the status quo in a good way, and help your team members bring fresh new ideas to the office.

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely has studied this issue. In his Ted Talk “What makes us feel good about our work?” he offers insight and ideas for how to effectively help employees feel appreciated. Watch his TED Talk here.

Article by Adina Rubin