Billtrust Quickstart: Transform your order to cash process with AR software

Blog | April 25, 2024

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At Billtrust, we’ve always strived to deliver powerful, efficient solutions that bring value to your businesses. And, having performed over 5000 successful implementations of our AR software, we also know that the moment our customers start seeing that value can be the most exciting part of joining the modern AR revolution. Automating tasks that control costs, improve cash flow, and save time for accounts receivable teams can be life changing for finance leaders – and we can’t wait to bring that to life for everyone.

Innovating AR operations to make an impact

Which is why we're thrilled to announce that we’ve found new ways to start creating that value for our customers sooner. Over the last several months, our team has leveraged our experience, listened to customer feedback, and developed best practice configuration standards to implementing the solutions we offer in order to find ways to satisfy the needs of finance teams that want to see our AR software in action immediately.

"We found that, for a lot of our customers, seeing the impact that our products can have on their operations made it easier for them to understand exactly what their true needs were, beyond what they might have guessed.” - Eric Glover, Senior Director, Professional Services

Finding the true opportunity when solving finance problems

When our customers’ finance teams consult with one of our experts, we perform a full assessment of their AR operations and help them understand where their pain points and opportunities exist, even outside of the obvious. Oftentimes, problems that exist upstream in the process can make bigger problems downstream that can often seem like they come from unrelated challenges.

In many cases, if the customer doesn’t have a full view of the analytics within their order-to-cash cycle, developing the understanding necessary to optimize their solution can feel impossible. Especially if they need to solve an acute problem before considering the true depth of the challenges they face.

"We talk to people who are dealing with very real problems, but sometimes, before they’re able to consider the real opportunity they’re facing, they need that problem to go away." - Phil Truesdale, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting

"We talk to people who are dealing with very real problems, but sometimes, before they’re able to consider the real opportunity they’re facing, they need that problem to go away." - Phil Truesdale, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting

Introducing Quickstart

Knowing the difference that a shorter time-to-value can make, we’re happy to introduce an offering we're genuinely excited about – the Billtrust Quickstart implementation.

Customers that want to get started with Billtrust now have the option to implement best practice configurations for our solutions in a significantly shorter time than ever before. Depending on their needs, we can help finance teams start seeing needed value in as few as ten days and often in less than a month.

If your organization needs to recognize value quickly for your modernization efforts, we can leverage a process that not only saves your own internal teams valuable time and resources but also optimizes the areas of your process that hurt the most. And, after you’ve started to recognize the benefits of automation, you can work with our team to build out additional functionality and completely optimize your performance. – Our unified AR software suite of solutions offers a full view of your financial analytics and allows you to continually optimize every day.

Why opt for Quickstart?

Here at Billtrust, systems and solutions aren't just concepts we work with; they're part of our DNA. We're proud that our AR solutions have long been the standard when it comes to managing order-to-cash processes seamlessly. Leveraging this expertise, our Quickstart implementations are designed to streamline your new processes, reduce transition-related stress, and accelerate your time-to-value, all with pre-optimized settings. Whether you’re using one Billtrust solution or the full platform, Quickstart gets you up and running faster and positions you for success.

When you choose to begin your Billtrust journey with a Quickstart, here's what you can expect:

  • Rapid value realization: Get your solutions live and in production mode in as few as 10 days. This immediate action improves your process and starts adding value almost instantaneously.
  • Optimal settings at the launch: Begin strong with our standard and proven configurations that lead the industry. As you move forward, there's always an option to customize your settings to your specific needs.
  • Reduced service issues: Our process helps to minimize typical service issues connected with custom files, ensuring a smoother AR process.
  • Simplified future implementations: Our AR software solutions are designed to adapt to any changes or implementations you may decide on in the future.
  • Customer-centric experience: With our customer-centric approach, we implement innovative solutions without causing any inconvenience to your customers. We're actually here to help you impress them.
  • Billtrust aims to be the accelerant to your financial growth. Embrace the journey to faster cash flow, more satisfied customers, and a more productive team of AR professionals with our Quickstart implementations. As your processes evolve and improve, we'll be there every step of the way to further customize your configuration.
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What happens after a Quickstart?

One of the best parts about using a Quickstart implementation is that it doesn’t limit the benefit you’re able to see with Billtrust, despite how quickly things get off the ground. After completing their initial assessments, customers are able to round out their AR process with additional Billtrust solutions and are happy once they’re complete.

During the Quickstart implementation, and even after, consider the value your team would find in leveraging the full set of our offerings, learning the value of understanding the numbers behind your performance, and partnering with AI to optimize your performance. Taking full advantage of a unified AR software solution helps create value that you might not be able to see as easily without modern AR practices in place.

This isn't just about moving finance forward; it's about propelling your entire business to greater heights – so you can begin seeing value faster than ever before.

Talk with one of our experts to get an evaluation of your business and start your path toward modern accounts receivable today.

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