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Professional Services provider finds efficiency sending over 500,000 international invoices
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OVER 800,000
Invoices emailed per month

Converted to electronic invoicing in one year

The Challenge

This technology provider is a global business dedicated to storing, protecting and managing information and assets. They serve everyone from local enterprises to almost all of the Fortune 1000. From critical business information to geological samples, works of fine art to original recordings of treasured artists, their customers rely on them to protect what they value.

Before partnering with Billtrust, they were handling massive billing and payments loads internally. At the time, this meant that their internal teams were in charge of sending out approximately 760,000 invoices a month by mail. To successfully execute on this from month to month was a hefty undertaking, and straining their internal resources.

The Solution

This technology provider partnered with Billtrust to deliver an automated billing and payments solution to customers while also handling mailed bills. The Billtrust payment portal provided customers with flexibility in how they could pay, offering 24/7 access to invoices. Further, Billtrust’s electronic adoption team helped their accounts receivable (AR) team convert customers from print to digital over time.

The Results

Billtrust’s billing and payments solutions gave the AR teams the efficiency they were looking for. By partnering with the Billtrust electronic adoption team and implementing several conversion campaigns, they’ve been able to reach an electronic presentment rate of 71% — a figure that continues to grow. Just last year, they aimed to convert 24,000 new customers to digital invoicing, but exceeded that and converted over 33,000. Now they send out over one million bills per month internationally with Billtrust’s solutions, emailing 800,000 of those.

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