Customer experience is more important than ever

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Providing a good customer experience can mean a lot of different things depending on your business, but one activity is universally important: good communication. 

At Billtrust, we design our products and solutions with your customers in mind. While automation is a big part of the value we bring to our clients, we also provide features that let you optimize your customer experience. We give you the flexibility to adapt to the current business environment in a way that makes sense for your business and your customers. 

Here are some tips for enabling a positive customer experience during times of economic disruption:

Share information where your customers will see it: On their invoice

Custom messaging in eInvoice Connect, our electronic invoicing and payments portal, ensures that your customers can hear important information from your business, in real time. Additionally, post custom messages to your customers directly on their invoices. You can let them know how your business plans to support them during this time and communicate important customer service information.

Getting paper out of your process has never been more important

Moving to digital invoicing allows your team to invoice your buyers more quickly when they aren’t in a physical office and also provides them with tools to self-serve. Within eInvoice Connect, your buyers can download invoices directly into their ERP, as well as research questions and make payments. Our eAdoption team is available to conduct a free initial assessment and a free initial or follow-up campaign to help promote digital invoicing. 

Give your buyers a break and think about accepting card payments

Relaxing your policy around credit card payments can help provide a lifeline to your small and medium business customers by giving them additional float from their financial institution. It will also help you get paid quickly and securely. 

If  you don’t have a self-serve credit card option on your website today, Billtrust is offering a turnkey hosted payments page.  Simple, straightforward payments up and running in a few weeks or less. It requires no IT lift beyond adding to your website.  

Keep dispute resolution, and cash, moving
Enabling a remote workforce with centralized, holistic customer information, CRM capabilities and standardized policies that convert outstanding receivables to cash will ensure an empathetic customer experience. Core to building trust between buyers and suppliers is a flexible and transparent resolution philosophy. Billtrust Collections helps analysts provide outstanding, consistent support to your buyers. Armed with a dashboard that provides a holistic account view, you’ll always know a customer’s historical behavior, enabling you to prescribe the right approach when it comes to collections.

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