Payment Cycle Management Products

A powerful online channel for billers to present their bills for payment

Invoice Central is a secure web service where B2B bill recipients can receive and pay invoices from many of their vendors. With Invoice Central, your customers no longer need to visit multiple websites to pay multiple vendor invoices or endure the time-consuming process of writing and mailing paper checks.



Some key benefits Invoice Central delivers for your business:

  • Fast Invoice Delivery – delivering invoices electronically is quicker and lower cost
  • Efficiency in Payment Receipt – Invoice Central users pay online via ACH for faster, more cost-effective payment receipt
  • Simplified Cash Application – Invoice Central sends remittance files with payments linked to invoices – eliminating matching problems and making for a quick, accurate process
  • E-Billing System Support – Invoice Central handles the management of the website and all related support – reducing your support costs and headaches
  • e-Adoption – Invoice Central coordinates with you and handles the bulk of the work to market the Invoice Central solution to your customers using our deep e-Adoption experience and best practices

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