Should I be a Billtrust Intern?

Blog | July 26, 2022

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By Savanna DiCostanzo

Discover if becoming a Billtrust intern is right for you.

Securing an internship can be daunting. It can be difficult to find companies that appeal to you both professionally and personally.

Going into my senior year of college, I knew I wanted to intern at a company that was in line with my career goals but also one whose mission and values matched my own.

Billtrust’s list of values, which can be found under the About Us tab on our website, was the first thing that drew me to the company. The one that stands out to me the most is “Family first: We are not on this planet so we can work and make money.”

Many of my peers have voiced their concerns about feeling a pressure to rush into a career so they can be financially stable. At Billtrust, however, a job is so much more than making money – and I could see this right off the bat.

What my Billtrust internship experience taught me

My internship experience has shown me just how much Billtrust cares about its people. Employees are always in contact with one another, exchanging ideas and support, sharing heartwarming stories and moments from their everyday lives.

“Billtrust is not leaving my success to chance,” says James Benson, Data Intelligence Intern. “The teams here have matched my energy, and everyone I interact with is invested in providing me with the support and tools I need to succeed.”

I have felt nothing but authenticity and support from my manager, mentor and buddy. I would encourage anyone who is seeking an internship to consider Billtrust. Not only can you explore numerous career avenues, but you can have peace of mind knowing there are so many wonderful people here to guide you through the journey.

“Billtrust has done a great job of opening doors and providing resources to learn and further our careers,” says Anna Bakutis, Business Analyst Intern. “The most beneficial thing so far has been learning valuable skills for my career path, like how to network.”

In addition, Billtrust offers numerous Talent Talks, where interns can listen to professionals from numerous roles share insights and wisdom on various topics. It is near impossible to feel lost here at Billtrust. Your questions will always be answered as long as you have the courage to ask them.

Illustration of remote worker waving to three of his colleagues over video chat

Interns enjoy working remotely

My internship is completely remote, allowing for flexibility. Despite not being in an in-person office setting, the interns are easily able to connect with each other, as well as our teams.

“Even though I work in a remote environment, I have bonded with the Talent team through different activities we have had,” says Victoria Diaz, Talent Rotational Intern. “I would definitely recommend this internship to others because not only do you get the experience that every college student is looking for, you also get opportunities to work on yourself and build your personal brand.”

The hardest part about the internship is starting it, getting your foot in the door and being willing to learn the ropes despite how overwhelming the experience may seem. Once you do, though, I can promise it will help equip you with so many skills that you need to start your career!

Apply to become a Billtrust intern

So, what are you waiting for? When you have a chance, apply for an internship at Billtrust today! Happy National Intern Day!