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Blog | June 17, 2021

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Watch the video to learn the benefits of giving your customers the option to pay their invoices online.
Watch the video to learn the benefits of giving your customers the option to pay their invoices online.

Allow your customers to view and pay their invoices online. Offer an online portal that’s easy for both you and your customers. Get to know more about Billtrust eInvoice Connect.

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Everything you want in a portal

Billtrust’s eInvoice Connect is fully brandable, so when your customers visit, it looks like an extension of your website. It operates 24/7 and allows your customers to pay immediately or schedule payments later.

Flexibility is the guiding principle

You have the power to finetune your payment acceptance settings. You can determine which customers can pay with specific payment channels. And you have the power to enact surcharging and allow short pays.

Billtrust helped us eliminate the manual process, save time, reduce costs and provide flexibility for customers to drive satisfaction.

Megan Millard, Accounting Manager, Plumbing Distributors Inc.

An enhanced payment experience

  • eInvoice Connect automatically adapts to fit the device your customers are using to view the portal.
  • Help your customers organize their invoices by providing a snapshot into the status of their current and overdue documents.
  • Get paid faster by enabling your customers to focus on high priority documents.
  • Allow customers to initiate payments on documents, grouped by the age of those documents, with a single click.
  • Display marketing messages and payment history at-a-glance.
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We'll help sign your customers up

Billtrust is dedicated to helping you convert your customers’ invoices and payments to digital channels.

Subject matter experts: To support your goals, we’ll begin with an in-depth consultation. We ask the right questions, develop a custom strategy for your customer base and educate your team on best practices. 

Analytics for targeting: Billtrust leverages proprietary data to determine which of your customers are most likely to convert to electronic billing and payments and which would be most impactful for your business. We use this targeting data to drive faster, more effective campaigns.

Managed email and phone campaigns: Billtrust designers create highly effective  emails, inserts and calling campaigns that match your company’s brand identity. We run the campaigns for you, emailing and calling your customers with targeted language that drives home the advantages of converting to electronic billing and payments.

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We'll optimize your eInvoice Connect portal for the best payment experience

Our team of experts can also optimize your portal to ensure the best payment experience. We start by performing a gap analysis on your current settings and configurations and recommend how to further customize them to fit your company’s needs. As a result, you can:

  • Encourage higher payment volume and reduce delinquency 
  • Collect more complete remittance information to optimize and simplify your reconciliation process
  • Provide a seamless branded payment experience with comprehensive buyer communication opportunities

What’s a typical result with Billtrust?

  • 72% average success rate in electronic invoicing signups
  • 3 - 5 days faster invoice delivery
  • 2x the number of electronic payments

The environmental benefits of an online portal

What are the environmental benefits of an online portal? According to the Environmental Paper Network, sending 10,000 paper invoices requires 1.2 trees, uses 1,070 gallons of water, produces 58.9 pounds of solid waste and consumes the same amount of energy it takes to run 1.5 refrigerators for a year.

Continue the conversation

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