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Solution guide

A digital lockbox for all of your electronic payments

Putting touchless payments in reach for your organization

Billtrust thinks about B2B payments differently

When your buyers decide how to pay you, they are considering what is most efficient for them, which leads to your community of buyers all paying in diverse ways.

Billtrust classifies these different buyer payment behaviors as direct or indirect:

Direct payment

A buyer goes to your website, calls you or visits a branch location to make a payment. The payment and remittance are delivered together for streamlined cash application.

Indirect payment

A buyer issues a payment instruction and associated remittance through their own ERP, bank, AP solution or other intermediary which requires you to open an email, process a file or visit a portal to capture payment details. The payment often arrives separately  from its associated remittance, making cash application more time-consuming.

Indirect payments require more manual work from your team, slow down cash flow and cause misapplied payments, negatively impacting your customer experience.

A digital lockbox for your B2B payments

Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN) is designed to help businesses grow their digital payments acceptance and handle payments coming through both direct and indirect channels. Our – first-of-its-kind – Digital Lockbox automates capturing and processing remittance data from emails, phone, AP portals and self-serve portals. 

Billtrust uses wide-ranging automation capabilities, including robotic process automation (RPA) and direct integration with buyer systems, to automate the capture of remittance data from emails, websites and portals and drive touchless card, ACH and wire payments. 

With BPN, your payment preferences are honored and no process or system changes are required on your end.

Billtrust’s Business Payments Network is the solution to your indirect payment problems.

diagram made of icons explaining digital lockbox for digital payments via BPN and cash application

BPN + Cash Application = true straight-through processing

Billtrust Cash Application comes packaged with BPN’s powerful remittance gathering features. Every payment you receive will have remittance data automatically retrieved from the emails, websites or AP portals that contain it. 

The end result is a clean remittance file for every single payment – ready to ingest into your system of record or ERP. Our proprietary solutions work together to ensure that your organization and by extension, your customers, benefit from truly touchless payments.

  • Capture remittance from disparate sources (email, web portals, AP portals, etc.)
  • Consolidate remittance and invoice into a single side-by-side view
  • Correlate remittance with funds to ensure your customer payments are in the bank
  • Cleanse remittance and match against open invoices in your  ERP

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