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In the Eyes of the Interns: Billing Rockstars & Building Relationships

At Billtrust, we don’t just believe in the future of billing – we’re creating it. As a part of that initiative, we offer a great summer internship program that brings in smart, young minds to both teach and source innovative new ideas from. Part of the program includes short presentations by different department heads so that the interns can learn the ins and outs of a technology-based organization. When I had the chance to talk with the interns about my current role and background, the conversation eventually boiled down to one question: “How did you get to where you are today?”

I’ll spare you the gory details (which I did not spare them), but my path boiled down to this: connect with great people and organizations who have great ideas, values, goals, products, and services – and stick with them.

Through these relationships, I was pushed to think differently (or different if you are a Mac user) and was exposed to new thoughts, ideas, practices and perspectives. What resulted is that I now look back on a professional (and personal) path I never could have mapped out, cherish unexpected experiences and friendships and have grown through the accumulated learnings that are a product of these relationships.

How this relates to billing should be obvious, but it deserves further consideration. Look at your company’s current billing practices and how they are performing. Are they being influenced by the billing experts at your disposal within your company, industry or network? Are they open to being challenged by others, open to new ideas and not mired in the mantra of “that will never work”? Do they take direction from your greatest fans – your customers – and respond critically to what they are asking for, what they would be open to and, most importantly, what could really help them?

Going back to my conversation with the interns, while in college I did not know that I wanted to work for a SaaS-based billing company. Truthfully, those were not even words in our lexicon at the time – but they certainly are today. Likewise, only since the recent past have terms such as mobile payments, EIPP, e-Adoption, consolidator portal and Customer-Centric Billing made their way into a biller’s vocabulary. What is next? Are you positioned to be a part of it?

Let’s look ahead – in one, five or even ten years, will you be telling your interns that you work at a company that is on the cutting edge of billing and employing the latest billing trends, practices and technologies? Will you show them your Billing Rockstar plaque, and tell them how your customers stick with you in large part because you listen to what they want and even give them things they didn’t know they wanted? Will you set the bar so high for your interns that in the years that follow, they will pick up the phone – or tweet, or IM, or Instagram, or teleport, or….whatever – to ask for your advice on how they can improve their billing?

Our interns are remarkably forward-thinking; they realized that in order to get to where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been and where you are now. The future of great billing starts now – is your company ready?


POSTED BY: Pat Amaral, V.P. of Business Development

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