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Blog Post

Customer Centric Billing Starts With People

Billtrust has been focusing on giving our clients the tools to develop a customer centric billing process that delivers benefits throughout their organizations.

The battle cry of every business is “THE CUSTOMER COMES FIRST!”  Yet we need to constantly remind ourselves of this very basic principle.  The most important aspect of understanding your customer is to appreciate, and never forget, that they are people. Oftentimes we get overwhelmed by our day to day challenges that we forget that fact.

I am pretty lucky because one of the primary functions of my job is to sit across from Billtrust’s customers. They are truly people like you and me. They have boss issues, timelines and deadlines. They have priorities and catastrophes; inboxes and outboxes; clutter and organization. They get hungry around lunch time and anxious to get home when the work day is done.

One of my favorite commonalities among our customers is that they are eager to learn new things (especially about how a billing solution can improve their customer satisfaction while saving them money).

Conducting business these days is all about speed. But if we all slow down just a bit to realize that the person on the other end of that phone or email is just like you and I, we will become more Customer Centric!

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