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Recognition for Billing Professionals (Finally!) with the Billing Rockstar Program

If you’re a professional that manages your organization’s billing process- listen up! This one is for you. A new initiative has launched that’s awarding outstanding billing professionals for the leadership they display in their industry by honoring them as Billing Rockstars! The billing process is overlooked and under-leveraged in most organizations, commonly viewed as a tedious, run-of-the-mill process.  

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are plenty of proven methods to strategize a billing process making it more efficient.  (Many of these discussed in previous posts on this blog, but for now let’s concentrate on YOU.)  Credit, finance, and IT professionals have single-handedly altered the way their billing process operates − saving money, improving bottom line, and making customers happy.  These professionals are truly revolutionizing the way billing is perceived by their companies and customers.  

Take these nominees for example, Megan Locke and Kelly Bates from Chiquita. Since their decision to transform their billing process, Chiquita has achieved an eAdoption rate of over 80%, and more than half of their customers are making payments online. With a strategic mindset towards the billing process, Chiquita is enjoying reduced billing costs, faster payments, and less customer service calls (making many of their colleagues’ lives easier!)

This past spring, the program started taking shape when a need was recognized- the need to bring attention to professionals that are rocking the billing processes within their organizations. These Rockstars receive a custom Gold Record to hang in their office to applaud their achievements.  They will also be featured in industry publications and in the “Hall of Fame” at Billtrust headquarters. We invite as many billing gurus to participate as possible. You can nominate yourself or your co-workers achievements.

Also, if you are a regular attendee at billing-related trade shows and conferences, find the Billtrust booth to take a picture of yourself as a Billing Rockstar in a Rockstar standee! Congrats to the first round of Billing Rockstars! May many more billing professionals be recognized for your strategic billing processes in the future. Rock On!  

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