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Secure My Financial Data: An Interview with Billtrust’s Director of Information Security

Data breaches, cyber-attacks, and information hacking stories have seemingly filled up today’s news, causing companies to panic about how secure their information is. If you aren’t thinking about new ways to protect your company’s financial data, you should be. We interviewed Billtrust’s Director of Information Security, Laura Whitt-Winyard, about three security topics you should be aware of to protect your information and Mind the Security Gap.

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Q: What is the future of cyber/information security and why is it challenging to get out ahead of a potential attack?

A: First, one can’t simply “get ahead” of a cyber/information attack or data breach. That’s part of the challenge. The sole option for Corporate Information Security is to close the gap on the threat.

Each day there is a wave of new vulnerabilities (Malware, etc.) that can be a threat to your company’s financial data. The key is reducing the mean time to threat detection, meaning reducing time to repair and reduce the damage.

Q: Where are we seeing advancements in cyber/information security?

A: A lot of people are talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine-Learning, Security Automation/Orchestration. This technology helps to free up human resources from the routine tasks, allowing experts to focus their efforts on investigations and engineering new protection.

Personally, I believe this is in large part due to the speed of which the “bad actors” or hackers are attacking as well as the large skill gaps in the overall security workforce around the world.

Q: How is Billtrust constantly striving to better protect our customers and their customers information?

A: The Information Security team here at Billtrust is always researching new and innovative techniques and strategies on threat detection, prevention, and remediation. We are staying abreast of the latest attack vectors on a daily basis.

A special thank you to Laura Whitt-Winyard for sharing a few thoughts and perspectives on Information Security with us. For more information on how to protect your company’s financial data you can search #SecureMyData on Twitter for our Information Security Twitterivew.

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