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Why I Love Billtrust – MAWSA

The relationship between Billtrust employees and our customers is a critical part of who we are as a company. We pride ourselves on providing customers the ability to simplify their jobs with help from our innovative technology, products, and services. That’s why we recently spoke with the Billing Administrator at MAWSA, Candace Hoover, on why MAWSA loves working with Billtrust.

A photo of Candace working at a computer

What do you love most about working with Billtrust?
“I love Billtrust for their family-like customer service, innovation, commitment to remain on the cutting edge of their industry, and their provision of a new level of convenience to my team’s customers. Billtrust provides us with the tools to succeed, to measure those accomplishments, and the means to continue to build on those achievements.”

How long has MAWSA been working with Billtrust and what benefits have you noticed as the Billing Administrator?
MAWSA signed up with Billtrust in late 2012 and were implemented early 2013.

How does Billtrust make your job easier?
Having an online payment portal for our customer base is something that we could not offer before. It provides our customers with a means of checking a balance, paying over the phone, as well as logging in to see past statements or make payments online – on their schedule. With the portal, a customer can pull up a statement that they have a question on, and I can pull the same statement, for us to review together. Our old statements were mailed on postcards, a very unsecure, and easily lost bill format. Billtrust provided a cost effective means of utilizing a full sized invoice in a sealed envelope at a lower cost than printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing on our own.

Additionally, with the customer to employee ratio, having payments made online cuts down our labor time so that we may focus on additional projects. Payments made online are also easier to process, cutting out 2/3 of the preparation and processing time. That leaves us time to call customers with high water use, and provide additional customer service in other areas.

We can monitor our customers’ participation in ePresentment and online payment use as well, to let us know if we are progressing or regressing with easy reporting features.

Another service that Billtrust offers is address tracking, which can allow us the opportunity to notify customers if there was an unwanted change of address.

What is your favorite part of working with Billtrust?
My favorite part of working with Billtrust is the family level of friendliness. It’s more like family teamwork than client partnership.

With Billtrust Summit 2018 coming up in a few months, is there anything specific you’re looking forward to at the event?
Learning more about how to push the envelope to be a better billing administrator, and hugs from Val!

Thank you to Candace Hoover for sharing your thoughts on our great business partnership!

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