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Family business swaps paper catalogs for a fully-featured webstore.


From webstore (16% to 27%)

Sales volume and productivity

Customers using the webstore as a catalog source

The Challenge

Hibbert International is a family owned importer/exporter and distributor of cleaning related products including vacuum parts & supplies, electric blower motors and central vac systems. The company was founded in 1968 providing floor care from a small house and is now an international company with two modern facilities serving retailers, distributors and manufacturers in a range of industries.

Printing and maintaining paper-based catalogs was both costly and time-consuming considering the constant product updates from manufacturers. Prior to launch, reps were spending far too much time manually keying in orders via phone, email and even fax.

The Solution

Hibbert compared several vendors, looked at sample sites and got a feel for the receptivity of a partnership. Billtrust eCommerce was the best match and stood out with superior Eclipse integration, required features and design elements.

The Results

Billtrust built Hibbert International a webstore that eliminated their need for paper catalogs. Their vast inventory of parts can now be found easily online with up-to-date availability and customized pricing. All of their advertising is now done online and is more effective. Customer interactions on the webstore increased by 60% and online orders have simplified order processing for sales reps, enabling them to be more productive. Since launching with Billtrust, webstore revenue has increased by 68.75% — growing from 16% to 27% of their total business revenue.

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Card processing rate drop