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Accelerate your eCommerce with IMARK Group

Learn how IMARK Group partnered with Billtrust eCommerce to support member distributor eCommerce aspirations.

12 tips to maximize your eCommerce ROI
• Leadership from the top is essential
• Integrate your eCommerce resources with the rest of the company
• All employees should be trained to be eCommerce advocates
• Compensate sales reps equally or better on eCommerce sales
• Track % of eCommerce sales by branch, sales rep, division, etc
• Handhold your customers
• Market to your existing customers
• Provide access to your entire product selection on your website
• Have photos for every product in your webstore
• Provide real-time pricing and availability for every product
• Create a customer ‘user group’ or advisory panel
• Recognize that the webstore and website is never done

Steve Ruane, IMARK Electrical VP of Marketing and Member Services

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