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Optimizing AR with Integrated B2B Payments

Watch Optimizing AR with Integrated B2B Payments, a webinar presented by Billtrust with featured speaker Kevin Permenter of IDC. During this session, he will cover the AR industry trends for 2021 and beyond. He will continue the conversation around the pivotal role digital B2B payments will play on the future of AR. The discussion will detail how to generate business value through AR by focusing integrated B2B payments and the dependencies to keep you on track.

Date: February 23, 2021

Speaker: Kevin Permenter, Research Manager, Enterprise Applications at IDC 

Speaker bio: As a Research Manager with IDC’s Enterprise Applications team, Kevin M. Permenter provides insights and intelligence across multiple areas including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order management, financial applications and project and portfolio management. He assesses the interplay, challenges and trends regarding various enterprise application deployment models like mobile enterprise applications and cloud models. He also develops and delivers his views, opinions and analysis on the dynamics and evolution of this complex technology ecosystem.

Prior to joining IDC in 2014, Mr. Permenter spent 12 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of strategic planning, market analysis/projections, technology evaluation, acquisitions and customer segmentation. He has research experience in a variety of areas including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), enterprise applications, and mobile and cloud systems. Additionally, Mr. Permenter has held various client-facing research positions at market research firm Aberdeen Group.

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