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Business Payments Network

Save time and increase cash flow by achieving touchless interactions and transactions with even your most complex customers.

The bi-directional portal advantage

Optimize both sides of the transaction with your customers. Business Payments Network (BPN) allows you to present invoices to portals your customers use and automatically capture their payments.

Invoice into AP Portals

Deliver invoices to your customers’ portals while leveraging data from your ERP, and see the status of customer invoices. 190+ leading AP portals are already supported with easy onboarding of new ones.

Automate Card Payment Acceptance

Rather than opening emails from customers that pay via virtual credit card payments, BPN automatically retrieves and consolidates remittance information for you. Funds are transferred and remittance is transmitted without manual intervention.

There’s an easier way to invoice and get paid

Invoice status updates

Make your customers’ AP portals work for you by capturing insights into the status of your invoices. Know when your buyer approves, disputes, cancels or pays any submitted invoice, and cut down on chasing updates.

Reduce credit card processing fees

Billtrust uses the detailed remittance data provided with most emailed credit card payments to qualify the highest percentage of payments for Level 3 and Large Ticket interchange rates.

Administrative portal

Get a real-time view of invoices delivered and payments processed to supplement daily reporting. You can resubmit invoice, search for payments across date ranges, fix credit card exceptions and re-run the card without delay.

Save time and money

Let your AR team focus on collections instead of emailed card payments.  The BPN handles all the tedious work of opening emails, logging into card payment sites, extracting the remittance details and running the credit card.

Programmatic payment preferences

BPN enables suppliers to programmatically enforce acceptance policies like inclusion lists and payment within terms. This reduces phone inquiries from payables providers, as well as rejected payments that don’t meet supplier preferences.

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“We utilize BPN to enable businesses on both sides of the transaction to streamline their payment processes.”

Jeff Burik, Senior Vice President, Commerce Bank

“We like the security and speed of virtual card payments, but we didn’t have the manpower to process them quickly. Now with BPN, we can scale up easily without adding headcount. Cash application is more accurate, and customers are happy.”

Brooke Valentine, Accounting Manager, SmileMakers

“Billtrust has been a great addition to our credit card process. In addition to gaining a headcount that no longer focuses on manual credit card entry, we were able to lower the fees associated with card payments.”

Suany Lark, Credit Supervisor, Finance & Accounting, Leica Microsystems

Case studies

Case Study

Leica Microsystems

Medical technology manufacturer saves $880,000 a year in credit card processing fees with Billtrust Business Payments Network.

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$880,000 SAVED
In annual fees

$79,000 SAVED
In monthly interchange fees 

Case Study


Learn how a consumer goods distributor saves time with virtual card capture technology.

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In first year

In first year

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