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Consumer goods distributor saves time with virtual card capture technology
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In first year

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The Challenge

Founded in 1977, SmileMakers specializes in patient giveaways and practice promotion products for dental and medical markets. They are the leader in the creation and distribution of stickers, rewards and incentives featuring popular characters and children’s themes.

With so many healthcare customers, they were inundated with virtual credit cards payments. SmileMakers received over 5,000 single-use credit card payments in 2018 alone. With only one fulltime employee for customer billing and payments, several hours a day were lost to processing virtual card payments. These time pressures made it difficult to accommodate increasing customer requests to pay electronically with single-use credit cards.

The Solution

SmileMakers turned to Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN) and its virtual card capture technology to address their current challenges. This solution would be able to help support the growing volume of incoming credit card payments, allowing them to process more card payments in less time. They went live on BPN in May 2019.


We like the security and speed of virtual card payments but we didn’t have the manpower to process them quickly. Now with BPN, we can scale up easily without adding headcount. Cash application is more accurate and customers are happy.”

Brooke Valentine
Accounting Manager, SmileMakers

The Results

In the first twelve months after going live on Billtrust’s BPN, SmileMakers has seen dramatic improvements. They increased the number of customer credit card payments they were able to process, automating approximately 8,500 payments, constituting $3.8M. With BPN’s virtual card capture technology, their accounting team saves over 45 minutes of manual labor a day, which freed up 200 hours in the first year.

Now with a scalable solution, SmileMakers is encouraging customers to pay with virtual credit cards. They even added details on virtual cards to the “How to Pay” section of their website.

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