Employment Branding Is Everywhere

Blog | October 4, 2018

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When you visit any company website, employment branding makes up a large majority of the content you’ll find. Of course they want to share accurate and appealing information about their services, but they also want to give potential job seekers something to potentially be excited about. From catchy slogans to employee interviews, if you ever even considered a career move, you can get an inside look into the culture of a company… or at least how the marketing or HR teams would like you to perceive it.

That isn’t the only source of information you can find on a company’s employment culture. In today’s world, you can use the Internet to dig through countless employee and ex-employee reviews. You can also see disgruntled former employee opinions and some truly positive posts all over social media or employment brand websites for every company.

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So one question remains. How do you know what to believe? Finding the answer to that question can be tough, but luckily there are a few ways to discover the truth.

Here are nine questions that you can ask the Hiring Manager or HR Representative during your interview to ensure you have the true and accurate picture of the culture and that it matches your personality:

  1. Does your company do employment satisfaction surveys? What are some of the themes that you feel have evolved from the most recent surveys?
  2. What is your turnover rate in the company and within this team I am interviewing for? What is the company doing to address it?
  3. Can you give me an example where the values in your company are driving the culture?
  4. What are the common personality attributes you find in the employees that are successful on your team?
  5. What are biggest challenges your company is going through this year? What would be the biggest challenges I will face in this job?
  6. Can I speak with a current team member who does this role or works in this department before I make a decision to join your team?
  7. What benefits do you feel your employees enjoy the most?
  8. How does the decision-making hierarchy work here?
  9. What aspects of the culture do you like best and least?

While it’s important for you to also conduct your own personal research on the company, the answers to these ten questions will provide a firm foundation for the true company culture of that organization.

As a Talent Acquisition professional inside a ‘Best Places to Work’ certified employer, these questions are fun to answer.

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