Why We Love Interns (and How They Help Us Grow Our Business)

Blog | July 12, 2017

Reading time: 2 min
An internship program may only last a summer, but the benefits continue throughout the year for both employers and interns.

If your organization doesn’t hire summer interns, you may want to reconsider that decision. While an internship program may only last a summer, the benefits continue throughout the year for both employers and interns. As an organization, our internship program not only creates a pipeline of new talent, it also provides additional training opportunities for potential future employees.

three interns discussing project at table in Billtrust office

At Billtrust, the internship program gives us three key benefits:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. The Billtrust Perspective
  3. Community Involvement

Drive Brand Awareness and Open a Future Talent Pool

Create a positive internship program, and your interns will return to their respective schools, peers and professors giving credit to your company for a prodigious experience. This, in turn, puts your company at the forefront for those seeking future internships or employment. In a day in age where the value of online reviews are at an all-time high, treating your interns poorly could land you in some rough water when it comes to finding future talent. According to a study by Software Advice, nearly 50% of job seekers use employer review sites, such as Glassdoor, to gain an opinion about a business before even applying. Treat your interns well, and your business and reputation will reap the benefits.

Enhance Billtrust Perspective

It’s not just the extra pair of hands that makes an internship valuable, it’s the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that are brought to the table. In conjunction with their own individual skill set, an intern can share an “outsider’s perspective” into some of your business processes and decisions to help disrupt institutional complacency.

Give Back to Community

Hiring interns does not just benefit your business, but also benefits your community. Giving students an opportunity to jump-start their careers and gain on-the-job experience is immeasurable. This not only helps your local colleges, but the local workforce as well. Across our organization, we at Billtrust value the communities where we work and live. In an effort to create a positive impact on these communities, our interns have begun the creation of Corporate Responsibility here at Billtrust.

We know that in addition to the value an intern adds to a company, the rewards an intern receives from participating in a well-developed, paid internship program are numerous. From the ability to apply their classroom skills to the workplace, to learning business and communication skills, interns get to explore career interests related to both personal and professional development. We’re proud to run a comprehensive, well-respected internship program at Billtrust every year year, and if you are college student or know of one, we invite you to check our careers website for open internship opportunities.