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Distribution company drives digital adoption and improves customer satisfaction
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Paying invoices through digital portal


Customer satisfaction

The Challenge

Johnstone Supply Houston is a multi-branch distributor that provides products, services and consulting for its customers’ HVACR needs. They pride themselves on their capability to serve as a complete HVACR resource to contractors of all sizes. 

Prior to working with Billtrust, Johnstone Supply Houston employed their own electronic billing (eBilling) software. However, the company faced challenges promoting eBilling and encouraging their customers to convert from paper invoices. This forced the billing team to continue using manual processes that increased costs.

The Solution

Billtrust was able to implement a one-stop shop for Johnstone Supply Houston, providing a solution for their customers to receive, view and pay their invoices electronically, as well as a marketing strategy to drive their customers to adopt these digital options. Billtrust’s eSolutions best practices were perfect for helping Johnstone further increase their customers’ use of electronic invoicing channels. Ultimately, by offering a simple, online payment process, they saw an increase in both electronic invoicing and payments.

The Results

With the help of Billtrust’s automated solutions and their eSolution team, Johnstone went from 53% of their customers receiving invoicing digitally to 85%. Currently, 26% of their customers are also paying those invoices electronically through their portal. With a decrease in manual payment processing, the company was able to reduce costs associated with printing and mailing invoices. Lastly, having a new, simplified process enabled the company to provide a higher quality of service for their customers. 

“With the Billtrust portal, we’ve seen an increase in the number of payments made and that continues to grow.”

Holley Phelps, Accounting Specialist

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