Reporting for collections teams

Tip Sheet

Billtrust Collections’ Reports gives you valuable insights across countries, corporations and currencies.
Screenshot of Billtrust Collections Reporting Dashboard

CFO’s, credit managers and collectors can quickly report on actuals, and plan and forecast information. Check aging balances, track planned actions and monitor individual user and team performance. Gain visibility into the most efficient collections actions and adapt policies, procedures and internal team workloads.

Intelligent exports allow users to make faster, more informed business decisions.

What can I do with Billtrust Collections reports?

  • Create reports with the report builder
    Start with existing reports in our report library (60+ preconfigured basic and dynamic reports)
  • Easily create new, sophisticated reports
    in minutes using our flexible drag-and-drop report builder.
  • Visualize your data with dashboards
    Great reports help you make decisions and take action. But you’ll also need insights-at-a-glance. Enter the dashboard, a way of summarizing and displaying your collections reports and data in a graphical layout.
  • Share, schedule and subscribe to reports
    Manage who you send which report to and how often. Grant other people access to all, or specific reports. Depending on the recipient’s classification, they can either simply view the report or edit it.
  • Download reports in different formats
    Generate dynamic reports in formats like Microsoft Excel, csv, tsv, html, sql and xml.
  • Connect to BI with our API
    Automatically upload your dynamic reports in the right format to your Business Intelligence tool(s) and get more in-depth insights.

Download this tip sheet

Reporting for collections teams Tip sheet Screenshot

This tip sheet is also available as a PDF for easy sharing with your team.