Ten tips for perfecting the order-to-cash process within competitive industries like yours

Reducing and controlling costs, getting paid faster, and providing customers with positive experiences are goals any good financial team should strive for, but, at Billtrust, we also recognize that each industry faces unique challenges when optimizing their order-to-cash processes.

With that in mind, we’ve worked with teams of experienced experts to understand the nuances of many of the industries that use our products. This has allowed us to better customize our offerings and to optimize outcomes for the financial leaders that have relied on us over the years.

But these insights aren’t a secret. Some of these best practices are things you can take advantage of today in order to get started on your company’s journey toward stronger, more effective & predictable financial performance. Here are a few tips.

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Billtrust + Distributors

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Distributors can no longer afford the delays and errors that come with manual and inefficient systems. They need automated AR solutions that speed cash flow, reduce errors and deliver excellent experiences for their customers. See our top 10 tips for distributors looking to modernize.

Billtrust + Building Supply

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In the building supply industry, everything has to happen quickly. Growth is good for your business, but your accounts receivable processes need to scale too. Read these top 10 tips to manage invoice-to-cash for your building supply business

Billtrust + Industrial Supply

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From the job site to your accounts receivable (AR) team, financial efficiency always matters to your growing business. Delayed payments, credit card fees, poor invoicing, and dispute management can become very costly and time consuming. Read these top 10 tips to manage invoice-to-cash for your industrial supply business.

Billtrust + Manufacturing

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Discover invaluable insights and strategies to enhance your financial operations in the manufacturing and distribution sector with Billtrust's exclusive tip sheet. Whether you're seeking ways to reduce late payments, streamline order-to-cash processes, or improve customer satisfaction, our tip sheet offers actionable tips to help you thrive in the competitive manufacturing industry.

Billtrust + Electrical Distributors

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A significant portion of electrical distribution companies still manage their accounts receivable (AR) processes manually or through their own in-house systems. But they struggle to have reliable, effective, automated AR that saves time and optimizes cash flow. Read these top 10 tips to manage invoice-to-cash for your electrical distribution business.

Billtrust + Plumbing / HVAC

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The plumbing and HVAC industry exists in a period of both growth and adversity. The development of smart technologies, inflation-fueled price increases, and a historic rise in mergers and acquisitions have created tremendous opportunities in the industry. Revenue is at an all time high, but with an increasing volume of payments arriving in various forms, businesses like yours are encumbered by outdated accounts receivable processes. Read these top 10 tips to manage invoice-to-cash for your plumbing / HVAC business.

Billtrust + Equipment

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Automated accounts receivable solutions do the heavy lifting for our accounting teams so they can scale as your business grows. Read these top 10 tips to automate and ratchet up accounts receivable for your equipment company.

Billtrust + Transportation

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Resolve the logistical nightmare of outdated accounts receivable processes. Read these top 10 tips to drive digital payments for your transportation business.

Billtrust + Medical

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Digital solutions balance the evolving needs of medical companies. Read these top 10 tips for healthy accounts receivable processes in the medical industry.

Billtrust + Staffing

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Automate your staffing agency's repetitive, time-consuming accounting practices. Read these top 10 tips to keep accounts receivables processes as organized as your talent pool.

Billtrust + Construction

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Unlock the secrets to streamlined financial success in the construction industry with our exclusive Accounts Receivable Tip Sheet. In this invaluable resource, you'll discover a treasure trove of expert advice, proven strategies, and industry-specific insights tailored to help you conquer the unique challenges of managing accounts receivable in construction. Elevate your AR game and experience financial excellence like never before.

Billtrust + Retail

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In today's fast-paced retail landscape, success hinges on adaptability and staying attuned to the latest industry trends. This invaluable resource is your compass to navigate the shifting currents shaping the Retail B2B order-to-cash process, with a special emphasis on the digital commerce revolution.