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Medical Equipment & Supplies

Billtrust offers smart solutions for suppliers selling to hospitals and specialty healthcare providers.

Aggregate & automate payments

Aggregate and automatically process card payments via email, phone and fax. Billtrust captures rich remittance and reconciles against your open AR invoices. We’ve partnered with AP providers to deliver touchless, automated 3rd party payments.

Protect sensitive information

Eliminate employee exposure to sensitive card data and bank account information. We give you the tools to implement PCI compliant AR processes.

Save with automated card payment processing

Realize immediate ROI through significant reductions in your card processing costs.

How one leader in Medical Equipment & Supplies found payments success with Billtrust

Case Study


Discover how the medical distributor captured $110,000 in annual savings with BPN from Billtrust.

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Annual savings

2.9% to 2.1%
Card processing rate drop

Case Study

Leica Microsystems

Medical technology manufacturer saves $880,000 a year in credit card processing fees with Billtrust Business Payments Network.

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$880,000 SAVED
In annual fees

$79,000 SAVED
In monthly interchange fees 

AR Resources for Medical Equipment & Supplies

Tip Sheet List

Tip sheet

Solving the A/R challenges of Medical Equipment & Supplies Distributors

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