Optimize order-to-cash processes to scale your plumbing and HVAC business

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Growth doesn’t happen by holding onto the same ways of doing things. It often requires a shift in the processes you use to manage your business finances and the tools that support them. Many companies in the plumbing and HVAC space are experiencing these kinds of challenges.

But partnering with a company that understands these challenges — and knows how to help you overcome them through technology — can make all the difference.

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Automation is essential to opening up your cash pipeline

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You’re watching your plumbing and HVAC industry evolve; its growth fueled in part by company consolidations and more efficient smart technologies. This brings opportunities for new business, from residential to commercial to infrastructure.

To take advantage of these opportunities, your company has to evolve as well. Operations must scale with that growth while managing the increase in order-to-cash activities, especially accounts receivable (AR).

Yet, your team might struggle with this, especially if they’re still relying on manual or outdated AR processes. These inefficiencies come at a cost, undermining your ability to effectively serve your customers — which directly threatens your cash pipeline.

Billtrust helps you keep pace with a suite of automated technology solutions for every step of the AR process. Streamline invoice delivery, accelerate payments, manage inventory and ordering, and boost match rates to free up, and speed up, cash to flow right back into your business.

Types of plumbing and HVAC providers that benefit from Billtrust solutions

Billtrust works with more than 160 plumbing and HVAC companies. See an industry overview below.